There are lots of resources here that will inspire you to consider how achievable and affordable switching to renewables can be.

Tune in: join our webinars

We've recently run a series of short, informative webinars that cover many of the 'FAQs' of home renewables.

Past webinars:

'Home Renewables Basics'watch online

'A Householders' Guide to Solid Wall Insulation': watch online

'Domestic solar PV: all you need to know': watch online

'Changes to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive': watch online

'Introduction to energy storage': watch online

More webinars to follow in Summer 2017... 

Top tips
  1. Make sure your home is as energy efficient as it can be. If you are not sure where to start you may want to complete the online Home Energy Check.
  2. Understand what renewable technology suits your home. Our easy to use renewables selector will help you find the right renewables system for your home.
  3. Work out your priorities. Here are some examples:
    • If you need to replace your boiler or central heating system, installing a new biomass boiler or heat pump becomes more cost-effective.
    • If your priority is to save carbon dioxide, consider wood-fuelled heating, a large wind turbine or a large solar PV system.
    • If you want to do your bit for the environment but have limited funds, think about a cheaper option such as solar water heating.
    • If you live in an isolated rural property with no mains electricity, you may get the most reliable off-grid supply from hydro or from a mixture of wind and solar PV.
  4. Ready to install? There’s a lot to consider before installing so have a look at our useful guide to installation to help you make the right decisions.